David Rettig egg protein specialist

The smart alternative to business as usual

Founded by a team with decades of experience building egg, pet food and ingredient supply businesses, OvaInnovations is a co-manufacturer with the scale, quality and products — pellets or powder, wet or dry, multiple protein levels — to meet your needs.

“OvaInnovations’ mission is to deliver a better value on high-quality egg products that meet nutritional and functional needs, as well as animal welfare standards.”

David Rettig
David Rettig egg protein specialist

Our team

We’re cracking the industry business model wide open

It’s our partnership with you that makes us different, and together, we share success and profitability. You’ll benefit from our deep expertise and international network and a clear view of every link in the OvaInnovations supply chain. This partnership is how we create a better value for you.

Innovative solutions that help you anticipate market needs

We offer a full range of egg protein products based upon their nutritional and functional content. We also offer products of various animal welfare standards, such as cage free, free range and organic.

Pet Food

Egg protein is considered to be of high nutritional quality for pets. In fact, dried egg often sets the standard in chemical score or biologic value analysis. And egg whites are an excellent binder for wet or low-starch pet foods and treats.

Shrimp Feed

Shrimp Feed

Eggs are a sustainable, nutritious resource for aquaculture diets, such as shrimp feed. They are a great source of cholesterol and lysozyme, and are considered the gold standard for balanced amino acids. Plus, eggs are highly digestible.