Egg-ceptional, sustainable shrimp feed

Aquaculture shrimp feed is a tidal wave of opportunity

Dried egg product is quality nutrition for species on and off land. That’s why OvaInnovations is positioned to offer its high-quality, sustainable products to the aquaculture industry, starting with shrimp feed. Why eggs?

Shrimp feed for Aquaculture use

A cost-effective solution

Shrimp feed is a significant portion of costs associated with this type of farming. Comparatively, egg products are more cost-effective than other ingredients in aquaculture feeds: protein, energy, cholesterol and phospholipids. In fact, research shows the amino acid profile of egg protein meets the needs of many fish and shrimp species better than other ingredients currently used in aquaculture.

A better shrimp feed

Shrimp need high levels of cholesterol and phospholipids for health and growth. Eggs are excellent sources of both. Using eggs in shrimp feed may reduce the amount of fishmeal, cholesterol and phospholipids required to meet the dietary needs of shrimp.