Let’s get cracking. You need dried eggs? We can help.

Dried eggs for pet food products and shrimp feed

OvaInnovations has dried eggs products to meet every demand in the pet food or shrimp feed market. Tap into our expertise with egg products and our network of quality producers for dry egg powder or pellets that help you deliver a superior product. Our organic, free-range, cage-free egg products meet consumer expectations for animal welfare standards, too.

Our dried egg product portfolio includes:

Dried egg product is the most common form of egg in dog foods, according to PetFoodIndustry.com, but they are also an excellent source of nutrition in all types of pet food. Water-soluble, protein-rich egg albumin, found in egg whites, is particularly useful as a binder in wet pet foods or low-starch (grain-free) dry pet foods.

Although an egg white is mostly water, about 10% of egg white is proteins like albumins, globulins and mucoproteins. Unlike the yolk, egg white contains little fat and no cholesterol. So it’s a great source of beneficial nutrition in pet food and shrimp feed. It accounts for over half the weight of the egg. A simple form of protein, egg albumin is a significant benefit of our dry egg powder.