Dried Egg Protein for Pet Food

Increase your product’s protein quality by using OvaInnovation’s dried egg protein products in companion animal formulas. Dried egg is an excellent source of familiar, label-friendly nutrition, and water-soluble, protein-rich albumin (egg white) is also useful as a binder in wet or grain-free formulations.

Dried Egg Protein for Pet Food
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    Unmatched Digestibility

    Egg has a PDCAAS score of 1 and is generally easy on pets’ digestion.

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    Label Friendly

    U.S. consumers are incredibly familiar with eggs as an ingredient in their own diets as well as their pets’ diets.

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    Ease of Product Handling

    A dried input is shelf-stable and allows for more straightforward processing.

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    Functional Attributes

    With a broad array of gelling, whipping, and binding capabilities, eggs offer even more than just superior nutrition.

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